Accelerate your design cycle with the latest C2000 MCUs with minimal coding experience required.

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Thursday September 12, 2019 at 1pm ET

Duration: 60 minutes. Signup below.


This webinar will cover PSIM's embedded code generation support for the new C2000 F2837x Delfino MCUs from Texas Instruments . With PSIM's code generation you will be able to convert a graphical representation of your control algorithm into embedded c code with properly defined interrupt routines and initialization code for peripherals like the PWM & ADC. The designer will not have to write a single line of code to be able to use the MCU with their hardware.

 Unlike other code generation tools PSIM's code generation is geared to be easy to use and most importantly to be easy to read by a human.

 The webinar will cover the basic topics to get started and showcase some of the advanced PWM peripheral support that PSIM provides with case studies via live demo using a webcam: 

  • How to setup the simulation for code generation
  • How to import the generated project and files into CCS
  • How to compile and load the ".out" file to the F28379D development kit
  • How PSIM generates interrupt routines and multiple interrupt rates
  • How to inject custom c code into the program
  • Case study: sensorless PMSM control
  • Case study: DC-DC converter with advanced Peak Current Mode Control

 If you can't attend, the webinar will be recorded and posted to the archive here.

PSIM Modules used:


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