Watch the recordings of our latest webinars and learn how to make the most of your software packages of PSIM, DSIM, and SmartCtrl.


12/3/2020 Get Started with PE Expert 4 - Easy Implementation of a Modular Multi-Level Converter (MMC)
11/19/2020 Phase-Shift Full-Bridge Simulation w/ Code Gen and HIL
11/17/2020 PSIM Academic License Options
10/15/2020 Getting Started with Code Gen
10/1/2020 Motor Drive Design, Simulation and Implementation- Start to Finish
9/15/2020 Compare Device Switch and Conduction Losses w/ Heatsink and Different Operating Conditions
8/13/2020 Frequency analysis (AC sweeps) with PSIM
7/30/2020 How To Simulate Power Electronics With PSIM
7/21/2020 Multi-level vs. Level 2 Inverter Comparison
6/25/2020 Seamless Integration of JMAG and PSIM
6/11/2020 Microgrid Design and Simulation
5/28/2020 PSIM Release 2020a - New Features
5/14/2020 Resonant LLC design and simulation with PSIM open to close loop
4/24/2020 Introducing the Link from RidleyWorks to PSIM
4/14/2020 Using the F28379D for Complex PWM Gating Signal Generation
3/26/2020 The PSIM Equivalent to a SPICE Model - Intro to the PSIM Level 2 MOSFET, IGBT & Diode Models
3/12/2020 Typhoon PSIM Link 2.0
2/27/2020 DSIM - World's fastest simulation just got even better
1/30/2020 Motor Drives with High-Frequency Interactions
12/5/2019 DSIM - A Quantum Leap in Simulation Speed
11/21/2019 Digital Control Design in PSIM
11/5/2019 Use State Machines with PSIM's embedded code generation
10/24/2019 PSIM code generation for DSP+FPGA development system - PE-Expert4
10/10/2019 Get Started with PSIM – Buck Converter Case Study
9/12/2019 PSIM/TI F2837x – Support for the latest C2000 MCU
6/26/2019 PSIM/PowerForge: The winning alliance
5/23/2019 PSIM+SPICE Integration
4/25/2019 Motor drive simulations with PSIM
4/11/2019 What’s new in PSIM version 12 and SmartCtrl 4.1
3/12/2019 PSIM + Typhoon HIL Webinar on Rapid Control Prototyping: A Thorough Tutorial of RCP for 3 Phase Inverter Controller Design
2/28/2019 Learn when to use PSIM’s switch models, Ideal, Level 2, Thermal and SPICE
11/15/2018 Strategies for Using Scripting in PSIM
10/25/2018 Getting Started with PSIM and Tips & Tricks
10/2/2018 Design of a Peak Current Mode Converter with PSIM
9/13/2018 Loss Comparison of SiC, GaN, IGBT, and MOSFET devices in a Motor Control Application
6/14/2018 Design of a phase shift full bridge converter with PSIM
5/24/2018 Using InstaSPIN for Sensorless PM Motor Drives
4/26/2018 Design of Sensored and Sensorless Motor Drives with PSIM
4/12/2018 Using PSIM to Compare Switching and Conduction Losses of SiC & GaN vs Traditional Devices Webinar
3/18/2018 Designing a Digital & Analog Solution for a Two Loop Buck Converter Webinar
3/18/2018 Closed Loop Interleaved Boost PFC Design in z-domain
1/18/2018 PSIM Design Strategies Webinar