Powersim's flagship product PSIM has evolved into a powerful simulation platform that offers comprehensive simulation and design capabilities for various power electronic applications.

PSIM covers the best of both worlds in

  • Device or circuit simulation; as well as 
  • System or control simulation

The PSIM ecosystem covers your entire development cycle by linking to and partnering with an array of tools:

  • DESIGN with either PSIM internal design suites (motor control and HEV) or with our partner tools from RidleyWorks or SmartCtrl.
  • SIMULATE power electronics, renewable energy devices, motor drives, digital and analog controls, thermal losses and more.
  • AUTOMATED CODE GEN with PSIM's SimCoder embedded code generation capabilities.
  • IMPLEMENT with C2000 hardware from Texas Instruments and mixed DSP/FPGA PE-Expert4 system from Myway Plus Corp. Or  test your control with real-time HIL simulation from Typhoon HIL.

DSIM is the brand-new simulation solver that can be purchased as an add on to the PSIM software, or as a stand-alone tool. Capable of simulating simple topologies or large and complex systems with astounding speed and accuracy.

Its novel technique of solving power electronics simulation was specifically designed to address schematics with:

  • Large numbers of switches
  • High switching speeds
  • Need for small time constants for switch transitions
  • Large time constants for system simulations including nanosecond timing with switch transitions

These simulations are solved at record-breaking speeds that exceed those of currently available simulation tools by hundreds or thousands of times. At these never imagined speeds it solves not only ideal switches but also physical switch models (non-ideal).


PE-Expert4 is a a high performance, expandable DSP/FPGA digital control  development system created for advanced Power Electronics applications.

Its main code and algorithm executes on a 1.25 GHz DSP while the peripherals like PWM and ADC are handled by dedicated FPGAs.

The system, depending on configuration, supports up to:

  • 144 PWMs
  • 60 analog inputs
  • 400 kHz switching
  • 200 kHz vector control execution

The PE-Expert4 can be used to control hardware like motor drives, microgrids, or even multi-level inverters. Also, it can be interfaced with a high fidelity real-time hardware simulation platform like Typhoon HIL.

In combination with the PSIM simulation of the power stage and the embedded code generation function, the PE-Expert4 system allows a seamless digital control development workflow.



SmartCtrl is an indispensable tool in your power electronics design and simulation arsenal which enables you to design the control for your analog and digital power converters and controllers. Using SmartCtrl, you can design controllers of various power converters easily and quickly.

Its capabilities include:

  • Design of digital controllers in the analog s-domain
  • Verification of the control loop stability
  • Definition of the digital delay
  • Calculation the z-domain coefficients of digital compensators to be implemented on digital devices

SmartCtrl and PSIM seamlessly work together to create a stable simulation environment. SmartCtrl automatically generates a ready-to-simulate schematic, containing the complete circuit, including power stage and control circuit. With only one click on the PSIM icon, one can export the entire circuit and simulate it.

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